Bebas Resiko – Bebas Biaya – Bebas Stress.
Relax… Kami melakukan penjualan untuk Anda.
Yang Diperlukan Dari Anda Hanya “Ide” & “Kreativitas“…











Customer Service

Stock –  Stock and storage are completely covered. CustomKaos warehouses and produces over 200 top-quality apparel and accessories products.

Printing – We use only the highest-quality printing techniques and materials, ensuring a beautiful and brilliant result every time.

Handling – We handle the selling for you. From order and payment processing through customer service – don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Delivery – Thanks to JNE strategically located across Indonesia, CustomKaos delivery capabilities now span over 150 countries worldwide.

Transactions – Sell your designs in 19 different countries and communicate your message across 12 different languages. We provide effortless international ecommerce across 11 currencies.

Customer Service – CustomKaos award-winning customer service team ensures a rewarding experience for your customers. Take pride in knowing your customers are in the best of hands.

Mekanisme Sistem Berjualan di CustomKaos

Anda mengupload karya seni dan desain Anda ke CustomKaos


Pelanggan menyukai desain Anda dan membelinya


Kami memproses transaksi dan menangani semua customer service


Kami melakukan proses produksi dan mengirim langsung ke pelanggan


Kami mengirimkan pembayaran untuk persentase penjualan